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The majesty of woodland, a tableau of moss, a sparkling copse of birch, tall grasses bent against the wind; the heroic tree the centre piece


Trees in all their diverse forms clean the air. Trees help combat climate change. They have social impact: the sick heal faster when there is a leafy green outlook. Recorded violence is reduced in tree lined areas. Their economic value cannot be understated, business traffic increases when trees are on the campus. Property values are higher. Trees reduce our resource usage, we need to water plants less when trees are present, trees prevent soil erosion.


Moss covered and textured walls provided the inspiration and starting point to explore and create these alternative landscapes in tribute to the noble tree.


 A2- 420 × 594 mm  A3 - 297 × 420 mm



Countryside landscape which on closer inspection reveals its a composite of a wall texture with moss and foggy hills


TREES 01 -  2017

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Textural composite photographs creating a landscape from a lichen covered wall, tree trunks and grasses

TREES 02 -  2017

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Almost realistic but slightly surreal winter landscape showing a cliff face, trees and hills beyond. all composited from different photographs

TREES 03 -  2017

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Foggy morning pine trees, crumbling wall texture and grasses in foreground create thei new landscape form the three photographs composited

TREES 04 -  2017

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A rock, a textured wall and pine trees create a cliff side landscape

TREES 05 -  2017

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Two pine trees in fog with a cliff face in foreground. This composite landscape features an apparent heart shape hidden in the textures

TREES 06 -  2017

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