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Hugh's photography career spans more than three decades. Over this period and at different times he specialised in several genres of photography, chronologically being: Medical and Biological Illustrator,  Advertising, Food & Still Life Photographer, Room-Set, People, Interiors and Environments Photographer.

    Since 2016, following this successful commercial career, Hugh also now directs his creativity to constructing surreal photographic landscapes. He photographs scenes and objects, for the most part, inspired by pareidolia observations.

    The aesthetic direction taken often references cultural and ecological themes with. Other times Hugh follows an intriguing childlike vision of adventure, travel and fantasy. Both approaches result in his trademark whimsical landscapes; scenes that belie the origins of the final made photograph.


From the original photographs, inspired by found objects, scenes and textures, between 3 and 8 other relevant images are sourced and photographed for the constructs. After initial 'development ' in Lightroom the photographs are combined and overlaid using Adobe's Photoshop. These multi layered digital images are then manipulated with some parts erased others opaque. Further post production techniques may follow until the final and new narratives present themselves.


Original photographs are captured using DSLR and Mirrorless cameras and with the occasional photograph by way of an i-phone. For lighting, natural light is preferred. If supplementary lighting  is required or for creating special effects  speedlights or LED lighting is first the choice when on location and Broncolor studio flash when more power is required. Apple Mac computers, Eizo monitor, Wacom tablets complete the hardware


2017 Art Trail Solo show at Studio, Bristol

2017 Solo show, The Bocabar, Bristol

2018 Art Trail Solo show at Studio, Bristol

2018 Solo Show, Guildhall Chambers, Bristol

2019 Joint Show, Leigh Court, Bristol.

2019 Joint Show, Art Trail, St Monicas, Bristol

2019 Open Exhibition, Royal West Academy

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UK - Bath,  Bristol,  Cardiff,  Gloucester,

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France - Bordeaux, Paris,

Australia - Sydney.


Hugh Burden photographer

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