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Following a successful advertising photography career Hugh now directs his energy to constructing surreal digital imaginations. The process involves the manipulation and overlaying of any number of digital images to expose an alternative reality.

His aesthetic references cultural and ecological themes or he simply explores narratives suggested by observed textures. This trick of the eye is called pareidolia; the human tendency to seek patterns in random information.

Both approaches result in images that belie the origins of the final conception and contain their own now unique narrative.

Alongside limited edition prints Hugh also produces single mixed media pieces combining artworks with found items and often illuminated with gold or silver leaf.


All images from the portfolio are available to collect as limited edition prints for your home, your office or give as a beautiful unique gift.

The images are superbly printed on museum archival quality paper in limited editions of 50, 25 or 10 in sizes as stated. They are signed, rolled in tissue paper and sent in a sturdy cardboard tube with a certificate of authenticity.

I am so confident in the quality and beauty of the edition prints that in the unlikely event you disagree you may return them in the same condition within 14 days (at your expense) - no questions asked.

For more information, commissions, collaborations, exhibitions, talks, simply e mail: - I will be delighted to hear from you.

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Residing on buildings and walls, mosses, lichens, stains and crumblings often present themselves as wonderful surreal landscapes. Natures masterpieces created on rock, brick, stone & concrete. After carefully photographing these original canvases additionlal elements are added; an artistic collaboration between Man and Nature

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Concrete 2020
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Plaster 2022
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Stone 2021
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Render 2020
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Rooted 2021
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Canyon 2020
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Fossil Canyon 2020
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Oyster Boat 2020
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King 2020
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Castle Hunt 2020
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The watery worlds of lichen

I noticed Nature playfully creates aquatic scapes when etching lichen, contoured with mould, into masonry. Playing with this watery notion and juxtaposing pond water, reeds and fish over the photographed original stone canvas; misty morning lake landscapes metamorphosed.

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Lake 01 2020
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Lake 02 2020
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Lake 03 2020
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Walls of Pareidolia

the writing is on the wall

It is no secret that humankind can often be no friend to the natural world. This collection interprets patterns and forms on walls as landscapes (pareidolia) that illustrate environmental issues we face. To the original wall photographs multiple images were overlaid, manipulated and blended.

The constructs represent an aesthetic vocabulary referencing humankind's disregard for our planet; The Writing Is On The Wall.

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Walls of Pareidolia 02 2020
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Walls of Pareidolia 03 2020
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Walls of Pareidolia 04 2020
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Walls of Pareidolia 05 2020
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Walls of Pareidolia 06 2020
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Walls of Pareidolia 07 2020
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Walls of Pareidolia 08 2020
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Cliffs & Islands


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Cliffs & Islands- 04 2018
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Cliffs & Islands- 05 2018
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Cliffs & Islands- 06 2018
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Cliffs & Islands- 07 2018
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Cliffs & Islands- 08 2018
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Message In A Bottle 2021
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Big Bang Theory

I came across this location in Llantwit Major, South Wales, with billions of Jurassic boulders. It was obvious there were photographs to be made here; but how eluded me for a while. I sat for a couple of hours contemplating the millions of grey scattered boulders. The light changed, the tide receded, people came and went but the rocks were silent; I could not see the photograph.

About to concede, my own big bang theory evolved. It occured to me that the rocks, seemingly infinite and randomly dispersed, had an affinity with the Universe. With a little intervention and a further trip to photograph the 3000 million year old pink rocks of Perros-Guirec, Brittany these divergent cosmic worlds were made.

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Universe 01 2017
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Universe 02 2017
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Universe 03 2017
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Universe 04 2017
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Universe 05 2017
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Universe 06 2017
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wood wide web

Trees communicate with each other via fungal networks to combat threats, nicknamed by researchers as the wood wide web. When sharing information and resources they give special attention to their offspring. By way of payment for the lines of communication the fungus is supplied nutrients.

Uncovering a pile of damp rotting pine planks myriads of intricate fungus fronds were revealed. Each fungus laden layer resembled diminutive forests. By merging images of pine trees with the fungus I set about exploring the resemblances between the trees and their symbiotic partner; re-imagined surreal forest landscapes.

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Forest 01 2017
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Forest 02 2017
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Forest 03 2017
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Forest 04 2017
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Forest 06P 2017
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Forest 07P 2017
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Forest 09P 2017
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Musings on ice caps, ozone, populace and sea levels.

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Whale & Icebergs 2022
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Fingerprint 2021
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Footprint 2021
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Dust & Ashes

Present Future

Fire debris observed on the roadside on inspection revealing hidden messages, glyphs projected by forces unseen and unknown

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Pheonix 2022
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From Little Acorns 2022
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Cosmos 2022
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Bathers 2018
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Bucket & Spade 2022
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Castle 2022
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2017 Solo show, The Bocabar, Bristol
2018 Art Trail Solo show at Studio, Bristol
2018 Solo Show, Guildhall Chambers, Bristol
2019 Joint Show, Leigh Court, Bristol
2019 Joint Show, Art Trail, St Monicas, Bristol
2019 Open Exhibition, Royal West Academy
2021 Open Exhibition, Royal West Academy
2022 Joint Show, BS9 Art Trail, Bristol


Bath, Bordeaux, Bristol, Cardiff, Gloucester, Hastings, London,
Maidenhead, Paris, Scunthorpe, Sydney.

Print and Delivery Information

"Sourcing the best printing, the best materials to complement these whimsical and surreal worlds has been of paramount importance. I am confident you will be very happy with the beautiful quality of your printed photograph/s and the outstanding museum archival properties."

Prints sizes range from A1 (84.1 x 59.4 cm), A2 (59.4 x 42cm), A3 (42x 29.7 cm) and A4 (29.7 X 21 cm) in limited editions of 50 and/or 25 as stated. There may be up to two AP's (Artist Pass prints). The photographs are ready for framing, signed with year and edition number, rolled in tissue paper and sent in a sturdy cardboard tube with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Platinum Baryta 300 is a 100% acid free Fine Art paper with a smooth unglazed gloss surface. It was chosen for it's natural white base and state of the art micro-porous ink receiving layer that delivers a high D-MAX (2.7) and wide colour gamut. These properties reveal delicate highlights and smooth transitions to shadows. The paper is approved by the Fine Art Trade Guild and when used with the pigment ink set a print life of much more than 85 years is assured. This combination of printer, ink set and paper originates extremely beautiful photographic prints similar in style and feel to 'old school' wet prints.

Please Note: the surface of fine art prints are delicate and can mark with fingerprints, liquids and abrasions; utmost care should be taken when handling them prior to mounting and framing. We reserve to right to change paper without prior notice to a similar specification of paper.

Canon professional fine art ink jet printer twinned with Canon's LUCIA EX pigment ink produces ultra high quality Fine Art prints with exceptional archival performance. We reserve to right to change the printer and ink set without prior notice to others with at least similar specifications.

Printing usually takes 3 to 5 working days plus post time on top, depending on where you are in UK or Europe. In the event of any delays our end, due to commissioned workload, we will keep you informed by e-mail.

The prints are supplied rolled in a secure cardboard tube and sent via recorded mail. Delivery and packing is added at checkout for a £12.00 flat rate. A confirmation e-mail of purchase is sent after check out and another to confirm despatch. Any date of delivery given by Hugh Burden Art shall be an estimate date, we will do our utmost to get your purchase to you as quickly as we can. Please note despite all our best intentions Hugh Burden Art shall not be held responsible for late delivery.

See TERMS AND CONDITIONS for EDITION PRINTS. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your print you have 14 days from receipt to return it (tracked postage at your expense) for a full purchase refund.

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